For Patients & Their Advocates

To qualify for participation in Project Access Northwest, patients must meet the following eligibility criteria:


Must be residents of King, Kitsap or Snohomish counties. (At this time, dental services are only available in King and Snohomish counties.)


Be 18 years of age or older.

Have a combined household income at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level. For more information about the Federal Poverty Level, click here.

Be referred by your primary care provider or safety net clinic. After the referral and enrollment form are received, a Project Access Northwest case manager will contact you to schedule the specialty appointment. If you do not know which clinic to go to, please call us at 206-496-1580, and we can assist you.

Patients may be enrolled for an initial six-month period. (An extension may be granted, pending continued eligibility and treatment needs.) Whenever possible, patients will be seen by a provider within their county of residence.


Safety net clinics and private physicians provide primary care homes for patients.

Primary care physicians refer eligible patients to medical and dental specialists who, through Project Access Northwest, donate their services.

Physician and dentist volunteer commitments and patient referrals are managed by Project Access Case Manager.

For tracking purposes only, services provided are recorded through standard insurance claim forms.

Patients receive their medications through their primary care providers or safety net clinics.


“You (Project Access Northwest) have built an excellent grass roots organization that brings competing organizations (hospitals, hospital systems, specialty clinics and other healthcare organizations) to a neutral table to solve a community problem. To those of us who know of the need for access to health care, Project Access Northwest is a tremendous success.

—Lance Heineccius
Director, Performance Improvement, WSMA Foundation for Health Care Improvement

Jean MacKinnon

“I was in pain all the time. It started to limit my work and the kinds of jobs I could accept. I did not know what my future had in store for me, but deep down knew I would not be walking soon. My primary care physician referred me to Project Access Northwest — there are no words that can THANK Project Access Northwest, my doctor and Virginia Mason Medical Center enough for giving me back my life!!! I am working, walking and playing again.”

—Jean MacKinnon,
Project Access Northwest patient

Reginald Hershey

“The Northwest Kidney Center referred me to Project Access Northwest. They were amazing. It was like a Godsend. Project Access put me in touch with a dentist in Federal Way who took great care of me. She went above and beyond to make certain I got what I needed.”

—Reginald (Reggie) Hershey,
Project Access Northwest patient